Burial Markers

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Small Granite Marker
Durable granite markers to commemorate a burial site or as a memory marker. Lays flat.
1st line - Clip art
2nd line - 10 characters (pets name)
3rd line - 15 characters (including spaces)
Approx. Weight : 1.5 kg
Approx. Length: 6-7 in.
Medium Granite Marker
1st line - clip art
2nd line - 13 characters (including spaces)
3rd line - 20 characters
4th line - 20 characters
Approx. Weight: 2.6 kg
Approx. Length: 8-10 in.
LARGE Marker
1st line - clip art
2nd line - Pet name
3rd, 4th and 5th line = 21 characters (including spaces)
Approx. Weight: 6.8 kg
Approx. Length: 14-17 in.
Upright Black Granite Marker
Beautiful memorial for placement in a pet cemetery or cottage. Laser engraved picture and text included. Proofs are always supplied before engraving.
2 pieces - Upper and Base
16.25" L x 5" W x 10.5" H
Price: $550.00
Marble Marker
Customize a marble marker suitable for outdoor or indoor display. Your choice of words, poems, dates and your pet's picture laser engraved. An easel is included to display your memorial keepsake.

Colours Black

Sizes 5", 8", 10", 12"

Price $180, $190, $200, $210
Large Granite Marker
Create your heartfelt design on a beautifully polished granite marker. Photo Laser Engraved Granite Marker allows you to take a favorite photo of your loved one and turn it into an exquisite burial marker. Because each memorial marker is custom made of true granite, there may be slight variations in the color and pattern of the stone. Can also be engraved with name and dates or a special message to your pet.

Colours Black

9x14x3/8, 9x16x3/8, 16x16x3/8

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