Frequently Asked Questions

As Funeral Directors and lovers of all animals, Pets at Peace respects that death is no less sacred than life.  We treat each pet taken in to our care as if their family was present with us every step of the way.

All pets are V.I.P. to us (Very Important Pets) so there is no difference in the care they receive whether you choose Communal, Individual or Private Cremation. The main difference is cost. 

What is Individual Compartment (Faithful Friend) Pet Cremation?

With Individual cremations, pets are placed in an individual compartment area in the cremation chamber. The pets are separated by physical barriers within the chamber and the location of each is recorded by the crematorium operator. At the end of cremation, each pet`s cremated remains are both identifiable and retrievable and are removed one at a time. Our transportation and crematorium operations incorporate barcoded, timestamp pet identification and tracking techniques to ensure all pet cremations are never compromised and you are receiving ONLY your pet's ashes. Urn is included.

What is Private (Loyal Companion) Cremation?

When you choose private cremation, the cremation chamber will be reserved for your pet ONLY. When the cremation process is complete, we ensure you receive only the cremated remains of your pet. No family attendance for this process. Urn is included.

What is Communal (Best Friends) pet cremation?

With this option, no pet ashes are returned to the family as the ashes are co-mingled with other pets. You can order a pawprint casting as a lasting memory of your pet. Communally cremated pet ashes are respectfully laid to rest at Sandy Ridge Pet Cemetery in Eden, Ontario

Can I be assured the ashes returned to me will be the ashes of my pet?

Pets at Peace is a member of the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance and International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association.  As members, we adhere to the strict code of ethics required by the PLPA and ICCFA. 

Members of the PLPA recognize that we have special obligations to the pets, families and other businesses that we serve. As guardians of pets in death, we pledge:

  • To care for the pets entrusted to us with dignity, respect, and professional skill whether at a clinic, pet funeral facility, crematory or cemetery.
  • To honour the wishes of the family and to serve all families with respect, understanding, and confidentiality.
  • To protect and preserve all interment sites and relevant historical data entrusted to us.
  • To be guided by the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations set by governing bodies with jurisdiction over our activities in the ownership, management, and operation of a pet funeral facility, crematory, cemetery or related endeavor.
  • To be an educational resource and guide in standards relating to final pet death care options for our client families as well as our process partners.

Do I have to purchase a casket for my pet’s cremation? 

No, often family members will wrap their pet in a favorite blanket or some other personal article of meaning to the pet or family members. You can also provide a few personal items to be cremated with your pet such as a note or picture. All items must be organic. Also, you may appreciate a lock of your pet’s fur. (Please ask if you would like us to do this for you).

My pet had a metal plate implanted because of a broken bone/surgery.  What happens to these during cremation?

Most surgical steel implants including plates, screws and wire survive the cremation process. Please let us know if these should be returned to you with your pet’s ashes. We will also remove and return leg bands from birds if requested.

Can I bring my pet to Pets at Peace?

Yes – most definitely. You may transfer your pet from your home or vet clinic. For some people, providing some of the care and making the final journey with their pet can be a therapeutic step in the grieving process. Please call for an appointment as we may be away from our location attending to a family.  

What if I want something other than the urn that is provided with the cremation?

You can choose from a variety of urns for an additional charge or you may supply your own special urn. 

Our pet passed away while we were on vacation and arrangements were made by our pet sitter or other family members.  Are we able to see our pet again? 

Everyone should have the opportunity to say goodbye to a cherished pet. Whether it’s a few days or more, we can absolutely delay the cremation until your return. Let us know and we will discuss the final details with you.

Our pet was hit by a car and we did not have a chance for goodbye and don't want to have that last visual memory.

As funeral directors, we have the training and skills to perform restorative work  (if it is possible) so that you may be able to have a peaceful and loving goodbye if needed.

We have other surviving pets in our home.  How can we help them handle the loss and should we allow them to see the body? 

Pets do grieve the loss of their buddy and understand death to a degree. Allowing the surviving pet to see and smell the body of their deceased friend does help them understand. Sometimes if this doesn’t happen they mournfully search for them wondering where they have gone. Cats being the independent creatures they are do not always show signs of mourning, only your loving keen eye will observe if they need some extra attention. They may seem off with the changes in the household.  In a multi-cat or pet household, the stress level may increase temporarily as the animals adjust to a newly established hierarchy. 

Do you euthanize pets?

No, we don’t as this must be performed by a licensed veterinarian, but we work closely with mobile vets who will come to your home. More and more people are choosing this option for the comfort and privacy it provides for their pets. We can arrange and coordinate the vet`s visit in accordance to your needs. The veterinarian fee is separate from Pets at Peace costs.

I have pet insurance that covers cremation costs, can you help me with that? 

Once you have your paperwork from your pet insurance provider, bring it into our office and we will fill it out and sign it so you may make your claim. Many families have received their paperwork by the time they come in to pick up their pet's ashes.

My veterinarian clinic offers cremation, why would I not use them?  

Having a pet euthanized at a veterinarian clinic does not mean you cannot take your pet home with you afterward or release them into the care of Pets at Peace. Many people cannot emotionally handle the thought of leaving their pet at the veterinary clinic. Animal stress levels are intensified when they're sick because they are vulnerable. It stresses them out more in a place they are smelling other animals. After which, the horrible aspect of walking back into a busy waiting room, make cremation arrangements and then having to settle your bill in public. Unfortunately, you have to fit in to the veterinarians schedule, where we accomodate your schedule. 

Has the veterinarian or any representative from their clinic ever visited the cremation company to insure clients’ pets are treated in a dignified and honourable manner and that the cremation company cremates the pets as indicated? Are they able to drop in unannounced? An annual open house may be held for veterinary staff to attend, but what about the days when actual cremation is occurring? 

Pets at Peace provides personal, immediate attention for your pet and since 2003 has been to the crematorium thousands of times, knows the staff and has observed procedures.  Families also state that our prices are less expensive than at their veterinarian.  

Do you provide pet burial?

Unfortunately, there are no pet cemeteries in the entire GTA. The closest pet cemetery is Wassenaar Pet Cemetery in Hamilton, 1974 Concession Road, RR1 Hamilton. Phone (519) 647-3822. Website

Pets at Peace Hours of Operation.

We offer appointments at your home or our facility by appointment only