Sam, Smooch and Mouse Lorenzini

2001 — Thu, Sep 04, 2014

Unconditional Love from my 3 cats

Sam, Mouse, Smooch, Your love was so unconditional, forever faithful somehow, always purring to my touch. I can still hear you meow. Although you had to leave me, I know you will wait, you will rub my leg in your loving way, sit on my lap, lay down on my chest, sleep every night in my bed, lick my nose when I come through Heaven's Gate. I thank the Lord for our journey that left your paw prints on my heart. Thank you Lord for sending all these three souls to keep me company.

Mouse, I never saw a cat cry. You cried a lot, the last two days of your life. I saw many tears coming down, you did not want to go. Thank you for bringing joy, unconditional love to my life. I miss you Mouse, I miss you Sam, I miss you Smooch. Your memory will never fade. My three cats companions taught me unconditional love, compassion. Part of me went with each of you, the day God took you home. I know the Lord will snuggle you, I hope you will be safe and warm.