Wed, Jan 31, 2018

Pepper lived a happy life in his apartment with 2 loving cat parents & 2 other amazing cats. Bean was Peppers playmate & Paris, being older, was like a mom to him. Everyone loved this furry little guy because of his irrisistable cuteness & energetic personality. He loved everyone too, always ready for pets & to snuggle in someones lap. Although one person was his favourite in particular, Chaise. This was Chaises first animal & it was the first animal both of us had lost. But Pepper was usually with Chaise, right at his side. They slept together every night, would be in his lap when he played video games. Pepper would follow Chaise around too, he was very loyal. They really were best friends.He was only 7 months old but unfortunate things happen in life sadly. Chaise & I are truly devestated & miss our little guy so so much already. Its weird not having him around. I still remember the first day we got him & how curious he was. We love him dearly & will always have his memory. Rest in Paradise Pepper.