Murphy Smith

Thu, Nov 01, 2018 — Fri, Feb 16, 2018

Dear Murphy,

Friday we said au-revoir. We love you so. You were the best dog. Have fun in heaven. Say hi to Eddie for us. All the things we needed to say to reinforce your knowledge of how completely loved you were.

Today we want you to thank you dear dog. Thank you for all that you have meant to us, all that you have taught us and for the wonderful memories we will always cherish.

We were so privileged to have you in our lives. People said you were such a lucky dog, but in reality, we were both lucky ones. You walked into our lives; a tiger striped Lab Shepard with dark rimmed melty brown eyes, a wagging tail, and a clear devotion to your big brother Eddie. You were a rescue dog trying to find your place in a new home; afraid for weeks, to go downstairs. But you sure found your place and you made it down those dreaded stairs.

You were the best deal we ever got; the freebie of a buy on get one free deal from the Humane Society. They wanted to keep you and Eddie together, knowing it was the best for both of you. How lucky we were to get you – and for the record, we would have paid full price for you any day.

Murphy, thank you for wagging, and wagging and wagging… They say that dogs smile with their tails; you were always smiling. Even on your last day, when your world was spinning, you were still wagging. Now we will always smile when thinking about your bushy wagging tail.

Thank you for the noise. Your happy “wooooos” would have made any vocal coach proud! Your constant search for the next comfortable position, squeaky toys, bugging your brother in early days, toenails on the hardwood, cleaning your paws at 6 AM and the snoring; all created the heartbeat of the house. It sure is quiet now.

Thank you for sharing and offering your toys at every opportunity. We particularly loved getting greeted and presented with a toy as soon as we walked in the door; each time, the toy specially chosen at that moment from the toy box. Who can resist a toy? Even when it is squeaker doesn’t work because that was the part you loved to chew the best.

Thank you for keeping time for us. From early morning to bedtime, we could swear you were wearing an Apple watch; breakfast, dinners, walks, cookies, play time, bedtime and especially the 7:30 dentabones. We always knew what time it was.

Thank you for helping us with our patience. And boy, did we need patience when you wanted to show your strength of character. You never did tell us why you wouldn’t get on the scale at the vet’s office. Or why, when you didn’t want to do something, you just hunkered down and gave the look - “move my 87 pounds, I dare you”? Or when we were on vacation in Austin and you were home with your brother and the dog sitter, and you decided to leave the park with the next family. Were you bored at the park Murphy? We will never forget the moment we got the call, standing in the original Whole Foods in Austin, from the lovely lady you went home with. No wonder that soon after that you travelled with us – was that always your plan?

Most importantly, Murphy thank you for your unconditional, all-encompassing love. Your “pet me” moments gave quiet comfort, your listening skills were better than anyone’s and your sense of timing sublime. You had a beautiful heart and generous soul.

We will miss you so dear dog, but we can rejoice in a dog life well lived and so loved.

We are better for having had you as part of our lives.

You may be gone but you live on in our hearts and memories. We love you Murphy.

Mom and Dad