Mudita Wong

Thu, May 01, 2003 — Mon, Aug 09, 2021

Mudita my love, thank you for your 18 years of companionship and mellow presence that has gifted me the calming and grounding energy through unsettling times, and the true joy of simple contentment in life. You showed me the grace of living unbothered by pain or illness with ease, which we human would have grumbled about in agony. You energized the house with your incredible high jumps with twists and turns catching flying objects in your youthful years and your growling meows commanding your loyal servant to get up, fill your bowl, or clean your litter immediately after you’re done with your business in your advanced years.

Every vet and vet technicians told me what a good cat you were, as you always let them do what they needed to do without a fight. Not until I heard this compliment about you so many times did I realize how exceptionally mellow and gentle you were. You were a “little pumpkin” to your Ophthalmology vet. You were a reserved sweetie that I was a little slow to recognize.

You filled my heart with love. You taught me patience and how to simply be. You taught me spacious love, especially in your last days, a difficult and yet deep lesson that I am still learning.

I miss hugging you, stroking your fluffy and silky soft fur and kissing you in your forehead. I miss your companion in quiet nights. I miss you lying on my chest sleeping through the night. I miss you for simply being you. But I know I will always be held in the love we shared, unconditional and eternal through many lifetimes.

No coming, no going
No after, no before
I hold you close to me.
I release you to be so free.
Because I am in you,
And you are in me.
Because I am in you,
And you are in me.

Be free, Mudita my love! Play with your old buddy Mino over the rainbow. Be joy!