Ito (Teacup) Lovrecich

Thu, May 16, 2002 — Fri, Nov 22, 2019

Dear Ito,

Not a day goes by that we don't miss your sweet smile and cute little self. This is the first year that you're not with us. We still miss you very much and hope you're up in Heaven with Lola and your family.

Thank you for all the love, affection, and care you gave us during these years. You have been in our lives for 17.5 years and with us through thick and thin, through the bad and good, through every move, every house, and every apartment we lived in. Our family is already small but you made us feel like we were enough. You never judged us and always looked up to us. Such a simple dog that didn't ask for much. Very down to earth and loyal to her family she was.

Despite her small size, she was never scared of larger dogs and a tough cookie. She would defend you no matter what.

I remember when Karalyn (your aunt) was a baby and you were so protective of her. Looking back at old photos, I laugh and smile, looking at that one photo where Karalyn (a baby at the time) was so excited to play with you that she was grabbing your neck and you're just looking at us take the photo with a face like, "please help me!" There's even a picture of when I just turned 14, opening all my gifts and you were there beside me collecting the wrapping paper. I have many other photos of you with your cute clothes, smiling at me while I'm taking the picture. You were such a poser. Like a typical girl, you loved to look pretty (so do I! lol)

As I write this now, I am beside your younger sister Poochie who has had a difficult time coping. The first few weeks, she kept sniffing your bed, looking for you. I remember when you two would go to the dog salon together and be so excited when we picked you up.

You were and still are such an incredible creature - truly extraordinary! There are times when I reminisce and wonder how a little Chihuahua can be so brilliant and smart. You knew how to comfort us when we were down and cheer us up. When I would bathe you, you wouldn't resist and loved to stay clean and tidy. You never made a mess and never had to be trained. Right from the very start, since you were a small puppy, you were so well-mannered and understanding. You were so caring to us that sometimes, I think if what we gave you was ever enough. Not to mention, you were such a gorgeous dog with your big brown eyes and mixed brown, black and white fur.

Such a pretty little girl. No other dog can replace the mark you left. You impacted our lives significantly.

You're the kind of dog that can turn anyone into a Dog Lover. Just ask Pat. At first he was apprehensive about dogs in general, but you have touched our souls that much that he even put you as his phone display picture.

I don't want to think about the last day I held you in my arms because it still feels surreal. You were with me since I was a child, a teenager, all the way up to my young adult years. I didn't have many friends at time but you were all the friend I needed as you displayed such unconditional love and always accepted me for who I am. I would do it all again.

A kindhearted soul like you did not deserve to suffer. There are times when I think to myself and wonder if God does exist because both you and my Lola (grandma) had to endure so much pain but now I understand that God did not take you away from me; he wanted to give you a better home and place to live in, one without any evil, pain, suffering, and sin.

I hope you are enjoying all the dog treats, Japchae, and Asian food there is in Heaven and running around freely with your sister Flatuba, your parents and Lola. I truly wish I could see you again. Every now and then, I still feel you with me. I feel you tickling my leg with your fur and I know that you never really left. You're still here in my heart.

Beautiful and sweet Ito, thank you for everything. We could never repay what you did for us. You were so much more than a dog. You were our family. We love you so much (Kayla, Eliza, Karalyn, Bernice, Poochie and Pat).

Please visit us in our dreams.. Rest peacefully, angel <3

This song reminds me of you: