Felix Heath-Wilson

Jun, 1996 — Thu, Mar 31, 2016

Felix “McGrabby” Heath-Wilson, passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving Daddies on March 31st, 2016 after a long 20 years on this earth.

Dearest Felix,
Your Daddies are hurting really bad and missing you terribly. You have no idea how much you gave us and we think that's why we feel so lost without you right now.
Our hearts are absolutely shattered and we can already feel a huge missing piece of 'something'... and it is your beautiful little soul and being.

We have quickly come to realize that you were “home” for us FeFe, nothing is the same without you.
There are lonely days and nights where we keep looking for you and expecting you to come around the corner with one of your babies in your mouth.

We will miss you arm-wrestling us for our food, your chirps and beautiful singing voice, your acknowledging head-bobs when our eyes would lock in a gaze, the relaxing times we spent with you sleeping curled up with us, our napping together on the couch, being warmly greeted each and every day after work and then spending quality time with all three of us on the bed before dinner.

We hope that you are at peace now and are looking down at us, watching over us and playfully chirping at us.

We love you forever,
your two Dads
XOXO...and rib-rubs all over.