Wed, Jul 04, 2001 — Wed, Jul 08, 2020

Cosmo Miller, lovingly nicknamed ‘The Beast of Burden’ has exhausted every bit of his 9 lives and passed over the rainbow bridge on July 8, 2020 after 19 years. Cosmo is survived by his 2 crazy cat humans and his cat sister, Pinky.

Cosmo lived a long adventurous life that many other cats, and dogs for that matter, would be envious of. After his adoption, he spent a short time in Benton Harbor, MI before moving to Varese, Italy. During his 3 years in Italy, he enjoyed chasing lizards and was fortunate to spend a special vacation at the Mediterranean Sea (where a rather strange dalliance with a Weiner dog allegedly took place), survived a hike to Portofino, as well as enjoyed a ski holiday in the Dolomites.

Upon our return to the US he overnighted in New York City (we think he saw a show…Cats…maybe) before arriving in Tulsa, OK. It was in Tulsa where a fateful decision was made to adopt his cat sister, Pinky. Anybody that knows the Miller clan, knows that after Pinky’s adoption, our fur babies had a mutual hate-hate relationship that caused many fights, wounds and vet bills. It was during our relocation to St. Joseph, MI where we implemented the metal baby gate for everyone’s safety. As you can imagine, he is only going to be immensely missed by his two favorite humans.

Cosmo was fortunate to also live many happy, leash-free years stalking birds and squirrels on the deck in Chicago before making the move to Canada.

Cosmo was not your ordinary cat. He truly had a big personality that would make large dogs scale the walls to escape his wrath. He also wasn’t especially fond of other humans when we were around and he took pleasure in ruling small children.

Thank you Cosmo for letting us drag you around the world, adjusting to every place we landed. You truly were a one-of-a-kind cat and deserved your own Instagram page, well before Instagram cats were famous. : ) We will forever be grateful for the past 18.5 years of memories together and we will miss you tremendously.

Stay feisty, our furry friend, that’s what we loved about you!