Angel Lew

Fri, Jan 06, 2006 — Fri, Nov 08, 2019

When we adopted Angel, I was living at my parents' house. My mom, sister and I had to convince my dad to let me get a dog. He eventually caved in, and my sister and my then boyfriend, who is now my husband, got her as a birthday gift for me.

Angel came into our lives in June 2006. My husband and I were looking for a Yorkie around 5 lb thinking that would be a good and manageable size for us. When the breeder we were dealing with told us they had a puppy who was the smallest out of the litter, we were apprehensive and thought it would be too small. We thought it wouldn't hurt to visit and see for ourselves. She was so cute. The rest as they say is history.

Angel was our first dog, a small bundle of joy weighing 3.5 lb most of her life. Everyone she encountered always thought she was a puppy even in her senior years. Ironically, my dad (aka grandpa) fell in love with her. After I moved out, he would always ask for Angel to stay overnight. He spoiled her like grandparents do and constantly gave her treats, such as rice, fruits, and beef liver, which she loved. She was grandpa's sunshine. My mom (aka grandma) would be the caretaker for dogsitting, but she would also give the occasional treats and enjoyed her granddog's company. Angel learned to go up and down stairs at my sister's house, and her aunt (my sister) would give her blueberries and other fruits.

As with most dogs, Angel was always curious...getting into things when she wasn't supposed to or somehow escaping from an enclosed living room only to find her upstairs in the hallway of our bedroom when we got home from work. She also climbed out of pens and over gates. She was an escape artist!

Angel always wanted to snuggle. No matter what we were doing, she would always want our attention and to be on the couch with us. She had her favourite place on the couch too...on my husband's personal blanket. No matter where we would put her on the couch, she would find her way to his blanket and make herself comfortable, although she would lie down closest to me most of the time. Another favourite spot of hers was being on my husband's cushiony tummy. haha She also loved lying on my lap and chewing/licking her tube toy while I pet her. She was mommy's girl.

Even though Angel was physically small, she was a big dog in her eyes. She was feisty and a fighter. If she didn't like something, she would let you know by talking back or pushing you out of her way with her tiny paws.

You will always be our baby Angel. We miss our little girl. You will forever be in our hearts. We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you Angel!