Affordable Pet Cremation Pricing and Preplanning

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Below are our pet cremation options:


BEST FRIEND - Communal Cremation

With this option, no pet ashes are returned to the family as the ashes are co-mingled with other pets. You can order a pawprint casting as a lasting memory of your pet. Communally cremated pet ashes are respectfully laid to rest at Sandy Ridge Pet Cemetery in Eden, Ontario

0-20lb     145.00

20-45lb   160.00

45-80lb   185.00

FAITHFUL FRIEND - Individual Compartment Cremation

With Individual cremations, pets are placed in an individual compartment area in the cremation chamber. The pets are separated by physical barriers within the chamber and the location of each is recorded by the crematorium operator. At the end of cremation, each pet`s cremated remains are both identifiable and retrievable and are removed one at a time. Our transportation and crematorium operations incorporate barcoded, timestamp pet identification and tracking techniques to ensure all pet cremations are never compromised and you are receiving ONLY your pet's ashes. Urn is included.

0-1lb         230.00  (Budgies, Hamsters etc)

1-20lb       270.00

21-35lb     295.00

36-50lb     310.00

51-70lb     325.00

71-90lb     375.00

90-100lb   395.00

LOYAL COMPANION - Private Cremation

When you choose private cremation, the cremation chamber will be reserved for your pet ONLY. When the cremation process is complete, we ensure you receive only the cremated remains of your pet. No family attendance for this process. Urn is included.

0-20lb      310.00

21-35lb    335.00

36-50lb    350.00

51-70lb    365.00

71-90lb    415.00

91-100lb  435.00


VIEWING and VISITATION - Attendance at Crematorium - Unfortunately this option is unavailable until further notice


 We encourage you to research your options, talk it over, and make the best decision for yourself and your pet. Should you need any additional information on the cost of pet cremation or other Pets at Peace services, please call us at 416-699-9955. We will explain all your options thoroughly as part of our commitment to transparency...and our commitment to you.

Pre-arrangement services:

Pre-arranging the details of your pet’s after-life care helps to relieve some of the burdens from what can be a very stressful and emotional day, a day when you probably will not be thinking clearly. All your wishes will be on file with us. There is no obligation to use Pets at Peace and the only way this directive will be carried out is if you call us to proceed. Please email for Toronto or for Orillia and we will send you the form.

Download the pre-arrangement PDF document

To learn more about Pets at Peace and how our pet funeral home came to be, visit our About Us page.