Affordable Pet Cremation Pricing and Preplanning

Pets at Peace Services: 

  • Gentle and respectful transfer of your pet from your home or veterinarian’s office in Toronto and GTA, as well as our locations in Orillia and St. Catharine's 
  • Private family final goodbye
  • Individual and Private affordable pet cremation including attractive urn
  • Fur clipping if desired
  • Permanent Online pet memorial
  • Wide selection of urns and memorial products

Our General Price List for Affordable Pet Cremation

If you wish, you may download or print a copy of our current Price List outlining options for individual pet cremation cost, private pet cremation or a pet memorial service. We encourage you to research your options, talk it over, and make the best decision for yourself and your pet.

Should you need any additional information on the cost of pet cremation or other Pets at Peace services, please call us at 416-699-9955. We will explain all your options thoroughly as part of our commitment to transparency...and our commitment to you.

Pre-arrangement services:

Pre-arranging the details of your pet’s after-life care helps to relieve some of the burdens from what can be a very stressful and emotional day, a day when you probably will not be thinking clearly. All your wishes will be on file with us. There is no obligation to use Pets at Peace and the only way this directive will be carried out is if you call us to proceed.  Click here to download and fill out form.

To learn more about Pets at Peace and how our pet funeral home came to be, visit our About Us page.