Memorial Paw Prints

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Painted Pawprints - Air Dry clay
Available Colours from left to right (Includes Pet name)
Autumn, Pink, Almond, Shoreline Blue, Plum, Clearcoat
Price: $90.00
Terra Cotta Paw Prints
Every pet has a unique paw print. Make a lasting impression of your petís paw print in terra cotta clay. Personalization is not available for this product. Please see the Precious Paw Clear Coat for a similar product that allows personalization.
Price: $65.00
Kiln fired Pawprint
Features a pure, unglazed paw print surrounded by a beautifully hand-painted oval with a transparent glaze. Engraved pet name is included in the cost. Faux Leather Paw Print Case is included, when lid is closed there is room for a picture on top. Many colour options for pawprints
Price: $135.00
Tabletop Photo Frame
Create a simple and classic memorial of your pet in this tabletop framed display. A 4"x6" picture of your beloved pet is displayed on one side and an impression/ink print of your pet's paw can be displayed on the other.

Pawprint sold separately

Colours: Chocolate Brown and White

Size 11.63"Wx7.56"Hx1.38"D
Price: $75.00
Kiln fired Lasting Paws series Pawprint Contour Style
Unique 3D replica of your petís paw print. Artisan made and hand painted. Many colours available. Faux leather case with frame for picture on top included.
Price: $135.00