Zoey McNicol

Thu, Feb 12, 2009 — Fri, Aug 31, 2018

The below letter I sent to the breeder we adopted Zoey from 9 years ago.


I am not sure if this email address will still be active but I am giving it a try.

Perhaps you will remember us from 9 years ago. We adopted one of your puppies. The top right picture is in your kitchen of Zoey with my 2 girls.
I wanted to let you know what a remarkable dog Zoey has been and what an important part of our family she is.


Over the years Zoey has spent many summer weeks on canoe trips into Algonquin park. She has spent countless hours swimming in lakes and rivers whenever she could find water. Zoey has never been one to fetch a ball as she is much to smart to fall for such a useless activity yet a stick thrown into a lake would always force her to fetch.


Zoey gave my girls the opportunity to grow up with a wonderful companion and learn the responsibilities required in taking care of a dog. Seldom was a thing done in this family without considerations for Zoey. It was difficult at time to take vacations as leaving the dog at home was never fun.


The very last picture above on the right was taken just days ago on her latest canoe trip to Algonquin. It was just days before we would discover she had developed cancer in her spleen and it had spread to her lungs. She has never been one to complain about anything. If she did I am sure it would be well worded. You see Zoey is a poet or a philosopher at least. This last photo is the proof. I have countless photos of her just watching the lake. Sitting at sunset on a dock or a rock and enjoying the beauty of the moment. These are just a few of the memories we will carry with us after Zoey is gone.

This Friday we will relieve her of this burden. And I just wanted to thank you for allowing us to take her for this short time.

-The McNicol Family

Nine Short Years Ago