Sun, Oct 27, 2013 — Mon, Jan 03, 2022

Our Princess
It was a cold November night when I heard a knock at the door, I get up to see mom and dad with a tiny puppy with these little black eyes. She grew to love running, and jumping, and as as grew, the , higher she flew. Storm absolutely loved going for walk in the bush, as long as she was the leader and always stole some hearts on the trails. She would always run around and play no matter if you wanted to or not, and if she saw another dog she wanted to play with she would try and go play whether it be out of a car window(moving or not) or just out the house window to see some really good friends. Just be sure you aren't as small as a mouse or as loud as thunder cause she'd be sure to find the nearest leg to hide under. Our beautiful, energetic, fun loving baby girl loved and I is loved by anyone and everyone she knew or met. 8:30pm was her favorite time of day. Why? Did I mention a time? Because that's when dad would make his nightly trip to Tim Horton's. Boy did she ever love her muffins and doughnuts, and of course her Timbits she'd always get from the Tim's staff, who loved her dearly. We love and miss you our big Princess, see you on the other side.