Spike Wilmot

Tue, Oct 10, 2006 — Mon, Aug 15, 2016

Spike was adopted by Samantha and Mark on August 30, 2007, when he was a little under one year old. For the next nine years, he filled their lives with love, nose rubs, pant licks, and a never-ending demand for pellets. Spike loved listening to singing and musicals (Hamilton was a favorite of his). He would plop in front of the TV to watch American Idol, Glee, The Bachelor, and anything with Wayne Brady. He was a quirky little guy, bursting with personality. You knew when he was happy, sad or hungry (he was usually hungry). His favorite way to spend the day was to sprawl out in a cat tent, where he would sleep for hours, and demand the occasional snack if you insisted on visiting the kitchen and failed to come back with a piece of lettuce.

Spike was a happy little bunny, who brought unending happiness to his owners. He always had to look his best and groomed constantly (he failed to realize he was adorable no matter how straight his fur was). He always wanted to be with people, and would allow you to pet him for hours (or insist on it).

Spike passed away peacefully on August 15, 2016 after a mercifully brief battle with congestive heart failure. As evidenced by the way he lived his life (and his last x-rays), Spike had a very big heart, both emotionally and physically. He never accepted pets without giving thank you kisses after. His love knew no bounds.

Spike (or Spikers as he was affectionately called) is going to be missed by his owners, who both have a bunny shaped hole in their own hearts now. But he blessed them with an incredible nine years and left them with an appreciation for bunnies and what they can bring to a life--especially one bunny in particular.

We love you, Spike. We will miss you forever. Thank you for everything you gave us. Binky free across that Rainbow Bridge. You can have all of the pellets now.