Snowie Lin

Sat, Nov 20, 1999 — Mon, Jun 01, 2015

Born on November 20, dies on June 1st. It was a sad day, so stay here and pray for how good of a dog Snowie was! She died of natural causes right in the house, refusing to eat or drink! She died at 8:00am, was 15 1/2 plus! She was a good dog, died in her bed and she had tears in her eyes. When she died, her eyes were open to watch over the family. She was a happy, strong dog, when her health suddenly collapsed. She died after 2 weeks of starvation. She barfed a lot and she was fun to play with. Well, at least for when it lasted. She was scared of big dogs and they didn't scare her! She was a fast, small dog, a Bichon Frise, the perfect dog. Oh how I wish she did not die!