Snickers Flynn

Mon, Jul 01, 2002 — Fri, Jun 20, 2014

Snickers and Hillary

Snickers was my first Cat. I got him in 2002 from a little old lady who had a house covered in vines. Snickers was walking amongst her indoor potted plants before rubbing up against her leg, she slowly bent to pick up the 2 month old kitten, the last of the bunch. I don't remember if Snickers had a name before I named him, all that I remember is sitting in the back of my moms car with Snickies in a cardboard box beside me. When my mom asked me what I wanted to name him I immediately said Snickers, because this was the only cat name I knew. The name certainly grew on him, as did the many associated nicknames for example, Snickers, Snickerooni, Snickerdoodles, Snickies, Snicks, Sneakers...etc, and in the last months of his life, Sunshine. My Sunshine.

When Snickers was sicks and would not move out of the bath tub no matter what, I went to him and pet his back and tell him I loved him, because I was afraid that my best friend would die.. Istarted to sing the song that my mom sang to me when I was little "You are my Sunshine" and after I was finished Snickers jumped out of the tub and followed me to my room. He hid under my bed and for the first time all week he started drinking water and eventually with a lot of love and care, and baths; he was eating again. I kept singing to him everynight until he stopped hiding. Snickers started to go outside and hang around his favourite spots inside the house. But we knew that Snickers was stll sick, he had a golden heart that decided not to function well. Maybe his heart just couldn't hold all of his love together, We lost Snickers John-Michael Flyn on June 19th to a heart attack. He spent his last moments enjoying the 6 am morning dew on the grass before his golden heart gave out and he passed away in my step Dad's arms surrounded with love. Snickers did not live one moment on this earth unloved and I just wish I could thank him for always being there to comfort me when I was sick or crying, in any time of need, my Snickies was there.

Love you Snicks.

Posted by Hillary