Sebastian (Sabby)

Wed, Aug 30, 1995 — Wed, Mar 09, 2022

Sebastian Ö my sweet turtle
The red eared slider
I got you as a birthday gift when I was only 6 years old. You watched me live most of my life. 26 years was not long enough with you my sweet baby Sabby.

One time when I was only 10 years old, I joked about renaming you Franklin because it was my favourite cartoon.
You made me feel unique. I loved you from the minute I saw your tiny little shell. I canít believe how big you grew and how wonderful it was to watch your life.
You taught me to care and love helpless creatures and helped me teach my babies the same. I am forever grateful for you. I wish you could stay with us forever. I will miss you each day. When I wake up, you are the first I say good morning to, I miss that already. Every night, I say good night to you... I wish you were still swimming here.
We will never forget you and the wonderful experience it was to have you for most of my life.

Whenever I took you out of your tank and put you on the floor, you would kind of hop to get under the closest piece of furniture. I remember bringing you to school in your first tiny tank.

I remember hand feeding you some pellets and you bit my finger, you were so small then... that was about 20 years ago. We lived a lot of life together... It is amazing to think I had you from when I was 6, and my first born is now 6 years old. He had the chance to get to know you and feel like the cool kid who had a pet turtle.
Our whole family is missing you. You were always front and center in our home. You showed strength even when you were sick, you showed us love and affection even though we couldn't cuddle.
There are not many experiences that can compare to how I feel right now, I feel like you were apart of my heart and now it is gone. You were so important to me, and I hope you felt my love every day.