Sassy Johnson

Thu, Feb 26, 2004 — Mon, Jul 04, 2016

Sassy adopted me at the Beijing dog market. She was the size of my hand, she was a wiggly mass of puppy energy. I soon found out that she was sick with hepatitis. I had her treated, and the vet, his teacher, the vet's student and his nurse all came for regular house calls for her treatments. She was feisty right from the start, ready to take on much bigger dogs, and Brian if he decided to touch my feet as he walked by me.
Sass was full of love. I called her my tear collector. I was in China, alone, and she with her tiny little paws took up permanent residency in my heart.
Sass (aka, fracy, booda baby, moo gee) left a huge paw print on my heart. I'll forever treasure the time we had together. I'll miss her like crazy.

Keep that song in your heart!