Saidi Meneses-Flores

2005 — Fri, Feb 16, 2018

Saidi Bebe†

My beautiful kitty SAIDI (aka Saidi Bebe) crossed over the kitty rainbow on Friday February 16, 2018 around 5 pm. †

Saidi gave me 13 years of happiness, laughter, snuggles and just pure bliss! †When I cuddled him, and smelled his super soft fur (he always smelled good!), received his ďlove bitesĒ, listen to his quiet purr, it was as if all my troubles and worries completely disappeared for a moment, so powerful was his kitty magic and love, moments of pure kitty bliss and pure undiluted happiness. He was my special kitty, so close to my heart!†

Saidi came to me by chance about a year after my first kitty Cognac had passed away and when I had to go back to Mexico for a while after being in Canada for 2 years. †I was sad to have to be back and he helped to put innumerable smiles on my sad days and wonderful times with him and my mom.

My aunt had found him in her home -the ancestral house of my momís family- in Mexico, an old turn of the century house on the skirts of the mountains that have always attracted numbers and numbers of stray cats, †cats that my family never adopted but never overlooked either. †This tiny and spirited kitten arrived there and started following her everywhere, she knew how much I love cats and how much I wanted/needed a pet so she called me to go and see him. †It was love at first sight!
This tiny kitten stole my heart, so my mom and I brought him home with us.†

I saw him grow from a cute kitten without voice and with whiskers that had been cut by someone, †into a very fluffy and handsome boy who loved his garden at my momís house, loved treats, playing with his growing number of toys, running up and down the stairs and looking at the birds. † When I moved back to Canada (this time for good) Saidi stayed with my mom and was essential in helping her cope with my being away. †He was ďmy representativeĒ: †being an only child of divorced parents, having always lived with my mom, and also her being my best friend, I know Saidi made it better for her, becoming that someone that would welcome her when she came back from work and being that someone that she could take care of.
SAIDI WAS MY MOMíS DAILY COMPANION from the moment I left Mexico to the last days of her life. †He foresaw her passing (announcing it with odd behaviour that nobody really paid much attention to until after the fact). †He was there for me when I came home from the hospital that fateful day and cried my heart out, as I hugged him and kissed him. †He lived probably the hardest days of his life almost right after, when I came back to Canada and he was left in my momís house with my aunts and family looking after him with food and visits but only every other day, so I went back a month later to bring him with me to his new home in Canada. He was then pivotal in helping me cope with the death of my beloved mother. †Being that he shared so much with her from 2006 - 2014 while I was in Canada, I saw in him a direct link to her.†

Saidi adapted to his new home and quickly became completely part of the household, he loved his morning pets, sleeping under the covers with us and he loved my partner dearly. †Every day I fell in love with him all over again! †He could ALWAYS make me oh so happy!†

Saidi fell terribly ill on Tuesday Feb 13Ö. † He spent his last days visiting all the rooms in the house and saying bye to us in different ways. †He visited our other kitty Gnocci in her play pen, they have never liked each other but this time was different, he sat right in front of her playpen, she tried to kiss him, they had a kitty conversation (I firmly believe he was passing on the torch). †He passed swiftly surrounded by love, listening to his favourite song and receiving lots of pets. †I wanted him so much to get better, but at the end he was so weak and frail yet he kept using his litter box and walking and talking to us. †I told him he could let go, to go over the rainbow, to go with my mom whom he loved so much and who would be waiting for him. †

People say he was lucky I adopted him, but it was me who was lucky he found me: †he gave me so much, he taught me so much, he meant and he did so much for me/for us! Itís so heartbreaking to see him go, but Iím so grateful for his sweet little life and all we shared!
Rest In Peace our beloved Saidi Bebe.†<3