Rusty Junek-Tu

Aug, 1996 — Fri, Sep 05, 2014

Rusty our golden little boy.

The spunkiest, feistiest, most spirited Lhasa Apso the world ever did see, who knew that you would burrow so deep into so many peoples' hearts?

A little explorer that was born into this world with the biggest eyes, a regal tail, long legs and a purposeful gait, even into his late teens Rusty truly embraced life - loving car rides, sandy wet beach days, sitting in the soft grass, observing the world and smelling every inch of every park he visited. When the time came to leave this world, he did it on his terms and surrounded by everyone who loved him so much.

The Junek/Tu families feel so incredibly honored and so blessed to have shared 18 wonderful years with our little golden boy. The boy with a strong will and stronger heart. Our little braveheart.

Dear Rusty: wherever you are, wherever you may be running, exploring or just sitting and observing please remember that you will never leave our hearts nor we will never, ever forget you and one day we will meet again.