Puppy Reed-Noble

Oct, 2005 — Fri, Jun 19, 2015

Puppy, our hearts break at the thought of saying goodbye to you, you were our best friend. The joy you brought to Mom and Dad was endless and we will forever be grateful for having you in our lives. Already your absence is felt, the apartment will never be the same without you buddy. The love we have for you goes beyond words. We will truly cherish every memory and every moment that we got to spend with you, especially the trips up north. you would bark at the wind shield wiper's I know it scared you but I cuddled you tell you its ok. we miss the love you gave to us and to everyone else who met at the dog park You were the most amazing dog and friend, thank you for all that love you brought to our lives. We love you Puppy forever and for always Say hello for us to Pebbles, Tiger and Drifter. Love Mom & Dad Family and Friends. May you rest in peace God Bless