Prince Parnham

Wed, Apr 14, 1999 — Thu, Apr 23, 2015

He was not only my family but my best friend...He was my little man and will be missed greatly ♡ I know he's in a better place and can be happy and not suffer anymore and that's all that matters to me! As long as my little prince charming can be happy and safe I'm good with that!! He has been around along time and I am soooo thankful for to have had him in my life !!! He will never leave our hearts nor our minds and everyday I hope he knows I am thinking of him, me and the are the most important man in my life and it hurt to let u go but I'll be here u can scratch at my door any night if u want!!!
Please watch over me and bre and keep us safe like u have for so long I'll be expected to see u at the gates of heaven to welcome me baby ♡ I love u and I'll miss u ull always be with me ♡ u never really were a prince more like a king ♡I think of the day I got you lol mom told dad not to do it but u couldn't keep us apart u ran away from home just to find me on my way to school (which I had to take u alll the way home) it's the lil things that will make me think of u everyday!

Prince was the most amazing dog u could ever meet, he would always take care of everyone he was one tough MOFO and I know he's keeping strong where ever he is and he's looking down on me and my crazy sister nd my crazy mom lol !! He was our lil man and he will always remain in my heart that way ♡ amber + prince ♡