Pooney Kozak

Jan, 1998 — Sat, Jun 21, 2014

Pooney! my sweet little "Kitty-Cat", my "Маленька Кіцка" (little cat who was always a kitten at heart)! 16 years of loyalty, trustworthy companionship, boundless measures of unconditional love and playfulness. An unprecedented disposition, undeniably "classy" with an underlying air of "sassiness". Growing up with dogs, this 15lb. cat, truly believed that she was a dog and part of their pack. Not only did she believe she was part of their pack, according to her she was the leader of the pack "Alpha Cat". She was truly independent, not wanting anyone to go out of their way, as long as there was food and water in her bowl and her litter box was clean, she was a "Happy Camper". You will be tremendously missed by all, but definitely not forgotten. You will finally be reunited with your Mama Bari, Chloe and Goofy! Forever in our hearts you'll stay, until the day we'll meet again and cross the "Rainbow Bridge" together. Luv and miss you dearly, Pooney! Your family: Mama,Tato, Andrijko, Tanya, Bronco and Daisy