Pirata Morales

Sat, May 31, 2003 — Wed, Jul 15, 2015

Pirata was born in Richmond Hill on May 31, 2003
She was one of 8 puppies that her mother a Cockapoo and her father a Fox Terrier had together.
Pirata was a energenic Puppy , who loved to tear up her toys, chew large dog bones and especially run.
Bill`s favorite puppy moment was right after bath time, she would run around the living room in circles trying to dry off, jumping up on the furniture sideways!
Matt`s favorite puppy moment was when she would chase him around the grass at cedargate , running in circles and when he came home from school how happy she would be to see him , crying and barking until he started running , then she would chase him around the house as well,delighted!
Mommy remembers Pirata`s very first night with her new family , mommy slept on the kitchen floor with her beside her doggie bed, because she refused to stay there by herself and cried all night.....After that night and for the rest of her life, only mommy and daddy`s bed would do (or Mat`s or Aunty Paula`s) , under the covers , curled up against us.
Librado remembers how she couldn't stand to see him out on the soccer pitch, she would bark and cry and if she had a chance she would run out into the game to "help" him. At the end of the game she would steal his socks or shoes and take off across the pitch to the cheers of his whole team!
Pirata enjoyed running with her cousin Chai, Mommy and Aunty Paula on the Richvale Greenway, Langstaff Path as well as various parks and paths all over the city. Even after a 5km run she would still have energy to play! One year she helped train the St. Joseph Cross Country Team, setting the pace for the kids, all around Harding Park. Many fun days were spent on the Island with her cousin Tequila, Aunty Anna and Uncle Jer (the guy with the steak!) As soon as she saw the cooler come out, her excitement level peaked and didn't stop until we go off the Ferry and finally arrived at the Beach. Once on the beach she delighted all the beach goers with her bossy tactics of making both Tequila and Chai fetch the sticks that we would throw into the water and then simple would take them right out of their mouths and run away! Weekends and Holidays meant sleep over at cousin Chai`'s and endless growl sessions, I'm sure jumping up onto Aunty Paula`s big soft bed at the end of the day was her favorite part...
But the best memory for everyone must be the cuddles. Pirata would climb up on to everyone she loved and hug them with one paw on each shoulder and then lick our face or best of all cuddle into our neck, just like a baby...
My queti-may, my mookey-lee, chikers ....
thanks for all the love you gave us, we all loved you so ... rest in piece baby k...
a piece of my heart is gone forever