Nena Muzaffar

Sep, 2004 — Fri, May 22, 2015

Today our hearts are broken as we have lost an important member of our family, Nena. He had been a loyal companion for almost 12 years and built a special bond with each of us. When I first moved to Toronto, I felt like something was missing in my life. It didn't take me long to seek our feathery friend and give him a loving home. Not many people could understand the dynamic between a person and a bird, but I will tell you that it has been an amazing journey knowing this unforgettable creature. For those of you that had the luxury of knowing him, we all share the same sentiments that he was kind, funny, goofy, full of antics and had his own unique personality. He was true to his breed, a Love Bird. Heebah and I loved him so much that we actually fought over him for snuggle time. I always had the secret weapon of getting his attention, which was singing 'You are my Sunshine'. It never failed to make him quickly fly to me and fall asleep in my arms. He would nestle himself on our shoulder, under our hair and was bold enough to nudge you when you didn't give him a chance to find the perfect spot.
Chores would never be the same without Nena. He was a big fan of folding laundry and loved playing between the stacks of clothes. He made it very difficult to make up a bed as he would 'Spiderman' himself onto the pillow case as I tried fitting the pillow. Playing peek-a-boo was his favorite game of all time. He was no stranger to cooking in the kitchen with us. He particularly loved the sound of peeling vegetables and enjoyed doing the dishes as he got to splash in the water. Taste testing was ideal, but Nena was no typical bird. He dreaded most fruits and wouldn't touch a vegetable, but rice, noodles and chicken were his favorites. We always joked and said "our chicken eats chicken". Our most treasured moment with Nena was bath time. We couldn't turn on that shower without him tapping the cage to let him out so he could hear the sound of the water falling. He loved feeling the warm mist as he sat on the curtain rod and kept us company. Not to mention our terrible singing which he completely enjoyed and never judged.
Who would have thought that 60 grams of this little bird would fill our hearts with so much joy and love, impacting us so deeply that our lives would never be the same again without his vibrant soul. His sudden death leaves us incomplete, but there is comfort in knowing that he did not suffer in the end.
I pray for my best friend to be at peace and look forward to the day that we meet again to share kisses once more.
We love you endlessly son.