Mousseau Patel-Felber

Thu, Oct 01, 2015

Mousseau came into our lives in 2002. We got her from a local rescue. She was lovely little tabby. The representative from the rescue told us she had been found as a stray and had given birth shortly after being rescued. “She was a very good mother,” the representative told us. We knew she was for us.

When she first came home with us she was quite shy but she soon found her place as an integral part of our family. She always liked to be right in the center of the mix. She was the softest and gentlest cat but she did not suffer fools gladly. If she disapproved she would let you know with a soft, no claws swat. Mostly though, she was all about loving us. If you were sad or stressed, she was right there purring by your side and snuggling up to you. Even in her last days when she was so very frail and sick she tried to comfort us. Her courage and grace in the face of illness inspires us and we hold onto that to help us cope without her.

She filled our lives with love and she will be so very missed.