Miley Jbbo

2012 — Tue, Sep 09, 2014

Miley the brave

Miley Jbbo a smart, caring, beautiful princes. With the purpose of making everyone happy along the way. We were lucky to have been a part of your life, thank you for sharing each precious moment you gave us. Miley you are unlike any puppy I have ever met. You had amazed me with your bravery, I remember that you would be so afraid of every little sound you heard, but yet if someone was at the door you would bark your little hear out to protect your family. I will never forget the day we brought you and your sisters and dad to the park. You ran around so freely with joy, you looked like a little bunny bouncing along every which way under the bright sky. My head is filled with memories of you, from when we heard the good news that your mommy was giving birth to you and your sisters and brother. The only way I could describe you after your birth was the exact replica of a cute little wet rat. I love your Halloween costume in that picture, you must have gotten lots of candy that day. Miley Jbbo please know that we love you so much, know that my heart is broke due to your absence and no one will ever fill that spot. Iíve cried an ocean full of tears for you and I donít think Iíll ever stop. At first I was so upset with the world, not understanding why a precious princes like you would be taken away from us. And though itís still a hard for me to except, I understand that in heave you are much more happy, and fulled with so much joy, bounce around like the last time u did in the park. One day we will see each other again and you will once again fill that empty spot you left in my heart. May you rest in peace my sweet heart, I will love you forever and always.