Meow Meow

Mon, Dec 02, 2019

To the first real love of our Meow Meow .

We still can't believe you left us 3 days ago ( Dec 2 2019 @1 :15 pm)

Who knew you were living with heart disease for a while; that caused you to be in excruciating pain in your last moments.

You came into our lives out of nowhere.

You crawled under our fence and called for us at our back door .

We fed you only milk because everytime we gave you water you wouldn't drink it and we thought maybe cats only drank milk; not realizing it was the beginning of us spoiling you.

Before you knew it you were in our house making everyday better ; with your kisses and unconditional love.

You were a healer.

People in your neighborhood loved you .
We had no idea what you were doing on your walks ;when you were visiting people going through their illnesses and comforting them.

You were very special and will always be special ; not only to your family.

We will miss everything about you:

-Walking in between our feet when we walk, possibly in an attempt to trip us down the stairs.

-Meowing at us all the time when you wanted to strike up a conversation ...especially when you'd ask for your Party Mix/Temptation treats.

-Meowing at my window at 6 in the morning when you were ready to come in; even though I told you a thousand times it's not a door..I can't keep removing the mesh for you to come in through it everyday.

-Peeing on the ground where your litter box usually was because you were mad we were changing the location.

You were such a boss.... a leader.

We don't know how we could ever live without your guidance .

YOU were the missing piece in our lives before and YOU are the missing piece after .

Thank you for the opportunity and pleasure of raising you; thank you for coming into our lives.

We will always love you and have faith that you are in a better place.

Sweet dreams my love!

Until we meet again...meeeowww meeeeowwww❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👼