Jocelyn Ogurian

2000 — Sun, Aug 09, 2015

Jocelyn passed away on Sunday August 9th in her home at the age of 15. She was the beloved furbaby of Theresa Ogurian, and adoring sister of White Cloud.

Jocelyn was adopted from the Toronto Humane Society, with her sister, on September 18, 2005. She was initially shy when she came to her new home, which is to be expected. She soon came out of her shell and showed what a loving, sweet, affectionate and vocal kitty she was.

Jocelyn was very close to her sister White Cloud, and was protective of her. Every night White Cloud would play with her toy mouse, and get so excited that she screamed. For years, Jocelyn would always go to see what was wrong with White Cloud when she heard her screams, until she finally realized that nothing was wrong, she was having fun!

Jocelyn will be deeply missed by her family; they love her so much! She brought joy and unconditional love into their lives. She was so beautiful and sweet. She will be remembered always.