Wed, Dec 05, 2007 — Sun, Apr 29, 2018

A million words would not bring you back, We know because weve tried, Neither would a million tears, We know because weve cried.

Jade was so much more than a pet, she was a family member and our best friend.

She was always there and brightened our days. She gave us so much more than most humans. She was our rock and our life. Its so hard to imagine life without her. She was definitely one of a kind, special in all her own ways.

Ill miss your snores, your soft kisses, your wrinkly face, your giant paws and even your smell. You changed our lives forever. I wish you could have lived forever.

We hope you are painfree and happy where ever you are. Running free with your buddies Tank, Fancy and Maggie also keeping you feline brothers in line as you always did Fonzie and Teko.

You touched our lives forever. We will make sure your baby human brother knows all about you and how you filled that empty hole while we waited for his arrival. Oh how Ill never forget that.

We love you so much Jade and I think you knew that. You are physically gone from us but you will always be forever in our hearts and memories. Until we meet again <3<3<3<3 Love you Jadey forever .