Fri, May 12, 2006 — Sun, Mar 10, 2019

Hooligan was born in PEI Canada to Lily & Denver of Miracle Shilohs. His "granny janny" dotingly watched over him until 7 weeks old and was then entrusted into my care.

Hooligan as a puppy was goofy and cute, with ears too big for his head and a derpiness to melt your heart. He was a stellar student in obedience class, putting on a show of obedience to whomever would watch him... But, outside of class was a different story as he clearly had a mind of his own.

All his life people would stop me to know more about my big gentle boy Hooligan. He was a smoosh of a dog, lovable, kind and just downright sweet. He was not a dog of manners and niceties, literally sicking his now where it didn't belong with unsuspecting strangers and family alike.

Hooligan had a love for milk bones, liver treats and kleenex, used or unused he would not discriminate, I would often see him sneak over to the garbage to rummage about for something interesting, sheepishly dropping it when we made eye contact.

He loved his ball (ball is life), his pink dragon and any fluffy where he could get the insides on the outside. His favourite time was ball time at the beach and even in his older age loved to swim in the water and fetch his ball.

This past month, Hooligan had battled dementia and I knew we were on borrowed time. On the early hours of Sunday morning, Hooligan, took care of me on last time and quietly passed in his sleep, relieving me of a choice too heartbreaking to make.

Hooligan joins his brother's Buttons, Bosco and Tiny and sister Mercey over the rainbow bridge.
I hope you have all the balls, liver treats and love over there my old man.

I couldn't have asked for a better companion, or friend. To call him a dog would not do his love and companionship justice. He was my rock, my pillar of support. He made me smile when I was sad, gave me his paw when I needed a hand and walked steadily by my side for almost 13 years. I know he walks with me now despite my not being able to see him anymore.

Hooligan, you brought joy, happiness and smiles to so many people. You brought me so much happiness and I'm so grateful to of had you for so long. Thank you.

I love you and I miss you the world over.
Until we meet again my handsome sweet boy,