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Tue, Apr 26, 2005 — Tue, Nov 20, 2018

Saturday July 9, 2005 - The day I met The Love of My Life
I still remember the day when I met the love of my life, on Saturday July 9, 2005.
It was a month after I moved into my newly rented apartment on HK Island, that I finally decided to find myself a cat, a decision that I’ve had for too long. I remember it was a hot summer day, I ride on the tram from Sai Wan to the SPCA headquarters in Wan Chai. It was around 1pm when I walked into the “cat room”, it was not a big room, but it holds a lot of cats, cats that have been abandoned, strays, or for reason you can never think of. Watching those poor little felines fighting for visitors’ attention is not a pleasant site. I looked in every single holding cages there was, hoping to find my “true love”. It didn’t take long…she was the 3rd and last kitten that I held that day.
She was a 2 month old calico female kitty. When the Centre assistant took her out of her holding cage that held two or three other kitties, you can tell the little feline was scared. I held her with my hands and hold her against my body close to my shoulder, she tried to get away but I held her securely so that she won’t fall to the ground.
I took her over to one of the benches in the room and sat her down on my lap. She seems calmer, sat in a crouching position on my lap. I stroked her head and scratched her cheek; she seems to quite enjoy it and started purring away. Not long after, a little girl came in and she spotted me and the kitty sitting on the bench. She came over and said to me “your kitty is very pretty, can I hold her?”, “Of course” I said, and handed the little calico furball to her. I freaked out immediately when I saw the way she was holding the kitty, she was basically strangling her, her hand was wrapped around the kitty’s neck!!
The kitty was squirming in her small hands, frightened. As I watch in horror and thinking at the same time what I should do, the little girl’s parents spoke, “You can’t hold the kitty like that, let her go.” Once the small hands released the little calico furball, she got off that little girl as fast as she could, and than started crawling, slowly, with her 4 tiny, still shaking little feet, towards my direction and finally made it back to my lap; then she just sat there refusing to leave. I picked her up and placed her onto my forearm, because she was only 2 months old, her little body was not too long. She lay there peacefully, closed her eyes, purring away while I stoked her from head to tail, and slowly she drifted off to sleep. My heart melted instantly, I even felt tears started rolling in my eyes but I tried hard to keep it from running down my cheek…how much trust and guts a stray must have to be able to feel safe to fall asleep in a total stranger’s arms!? Right at that moment I knew, that this little calico kitty and I are meant to be.
We have spent over 13 years together, I did not expect you will leave me so soon...I have always thought you will be with me for 20 years because I was giving you the most healthy food there is, but I did not realize it does not provide you with the necessary nutrients you need to maintain healthy, so when you have suddenly became sick and your health drastically going downhill, I finally realized my mistake...I am so sorry for making you go through such painful months...I know you have always worried about me all these years, I'm so sorry for making you worry my dearest. I promised you to stay strong and only remember our happy times together, I will keep that promise to you. Come back and visit me sometime, I really really miss you.
Wait for me on Rainbow Bridge, I will come find you, please believe me.