Eddie Smith

Nov, 2001 — Mon, May 23, 2016

Our beautiful black lab, “King” Eddie passed away peacefully in his sleep May 23, 2016. He will be missed by so many – family, friends and neighbors. Eddie may be gone, but he will live on in our hearts and our memories. He will never be forgotten.
On Jan 4, 2011 our lives changed forever when Eddie and his younger brother Murphy arrived from the Humane Society. They quickly stole our hearts. Effortlessly they fit in; whether it was dragging us out for walks, going for a car ride, travelling throughout the US, or just hanging out.
Eddie had a way of making you feel special; like you were there, just for him. He was always so interested in everything. Lol – some called him nosey – but he always wanted to be a part of what was going on. And if you weren’t busy, you could/should always be petting him. He would bat those beautiful brown eyes at you and you couldn’t help but melt. Eddie loved sitting in the sun and digging in any bag that came into the house – he was always sure something was for him! (And he was usually right.)
Eddie -we will miss the click of your toenails across the hardwood floors, your penetrating eyeball stare to get the Dentabones out each night, and the total joy you showed at life. We will miss all your “help” in the kitchen and the never ending demands to go in and out. We will miss you shoving your head between our legs, the “ostrich look”; and you never did tell us what that was all about. Eddie, you were the best brother to Murphy, his constant companion through everything life had to offer.
We have so many stories to tell and so many pictures to view. Eddie, I am sure you said, put that camera away, more than once!
The saying “you left paw prints on our hearts” couldn’t be truer. You were a brilliant shooting star through our universe and our lives were so much more enriched for having you in it.
Rest in peace, dear dog, we love you so.

Graham, Shelley and Murphy