Sun, Jul 03, 2005 — Mon, Sep 21, 2020

*** Our Beloved EDDIE ***

We love you beyond measure and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for falling asleep peacefully in my arms one last time.

I could not bring myself to write about you or stop for a moment from thinking of you. The sadness of losing you left us with broken hearts and I am paralyzed with overwhelming and immeasurable grief from missing you.

You brought us a whole new meaning of life and love and joy and devotion to what real caring really meant.

Your two weeks prognosis to live with "Congestive Heart Condition" without a cure was excruciatingly painful to hear. With all our love and devotion, we provided you with the best care and treatment for the next 19 months and with the best in medical science and the power of love and prayers, the progression of your illness declined, we were happy and thought of it as a miracle. That was short lived and it was sad seeing you in pain with difficulty breathing and eating little for the last few weeks and your need for cuddles for comfort breaks my heart even more. I cried endlessly to unburden my emotions for things to come.

How we wished you could be with us forever!

*EDDIE, you were The KING and the most handsome and you brought us tremendous love and you were our pride and our joy, you were The Great Hunter just for fun and never harming anyone.*

Thank you with all our hearts for all the wonderful things, for your company, for the joy and the great affection you alone can express in your own way.

Thank you for the 15 years of love, loyalty and wonderful memories you left in us.

We thank our family and friends and appreciate very much their visit and kind words of sympathy.

We thank your best buddy, DAISY who cheered you up with great concern and affection during your difficult days. She continue to search for you in every corner of our home and not finding you, she rest her head on the floor with quiet gestures and deep sadness.

The great bond and the wonderful time you shared with Daisy that brought us great joy are sad to remember but they are loving memories we will cherish.

We will remember you and hope you will be watching and enjoying every plant and flowers in the garden you so loved as well as your many friends you used to play and chase around.

We miss you dearly, your exciting and warm welcome and your run to the door to greet us when we step out for a while, your sniffing of groceries, a loving reminder that we get something for you, the joy of watching you enjoy your favourite food and treats, the loving touch of your paw on my face, pretending I was asleep so you would touch my face more and more, the warmth of the bed and your gentle snore beside me and your loved for cuddles and being danced around the house.

And how it breaks my heart giving you the ugly tasting medications 7 times a day for 19 months that made you upset yet you cuddle back to me for comfort and reassurances that you are loved and deeply cared!

Our Dearest EDDIE, we love you dearly and we pray everyday that you are happy, in Peace and without pain!

I trust GOD will allow us to be reunited in that side of heaven, a place called the Rainbow Bridge and together, we will cross and be happy throughout Eternity!