Ebony Tkaczuk

Aug, 1994 — Sat, Jul 18, 2015


I had picked out a small black and white cat at the Toronto Humane Society and they were just about to get her ready to go, and out of the corner of my eye I spot a big ball of black fur sitting at the back of his cage. I walked over and he opened one eye.This is a look that I would later give the name as Ebony's hairy eyeball look. His tag on the cage simply said "I HATE IT HERE". I turned to the worker and said I want this one instead. I loved his attitude and his beautiful green eyes. When I was waiting for him I heard a struggle and loud meows, they would come in to tell me there was a problem. Ebony was too fat for the Humane Society box, I had to buy him a carry case, and because of his weight I got him at a discount. My discounted, fat (22 lbs) cat gave me a wonderful 16 years of his life. He was funny, charming, a real talker with attitude. He didn't hide he liked to be the center of attention and if there was an obstacle in his way he would find away to tackle it, in fact his antics would often get him into trouble. He could open windows, doors and yes even the fridge. He loved human food and would beg for food like a dog, in fact I think he thought he was dog. He loved going outside and would lie on the outdoor table for hours, the hotter the better. He would only come in to use the bathroom and get water from May to September outside in the backyard is where you would find him. Even the day before he died I carried him out to the yard so he could have one more walk around in my arms of his favorite place.

Ebony started life off rough we needed each other so badly when we met, and we bonded right away. He never ever left my side through surgery recoveries, and countless flu bugs and colds he nursed me back to health.

When Peter came into our lives Ebony gave the seal of approval by not biting him or swatting him so we knew Peter was our forever. The battle between Ebony and Peter for the side of the bed continued right up to the end. Often we would wake up to see Ebony had crawled his way up to sleep in between us. Although the 5 am wake up calls were not appreciated at the time, we sure do miss them now and would do anything to have them back.

Ebony was the first pet for both Peter and I, so losing him has been very hard on us both. Ebony became Peter's shadow right from the time we all moved in together. Where Peter went Ebony followed. Ebony knew what time Peter was to arrive home and would wait for him at the front door, if Peter was even a minute late Ebony would start to cry. He truly was like no other cat.

We know Ebony is learning now that he was spoiled as I'm sure no other cat in heaven can say they got fresh lobster, cod, eggs and salmon. In the end I would cook a separate dinner for Ebony and feed it to him as he could no longer feed himself. Peter and I jumped in to help him through his illness because he had nursed us back during so many illnesses so it simply made sense to us to never give up on him. Ebony died at home in his favorite spot with us by his side. Rest in Peace my beautiful boy, we will miss you every day. Thank you for being apart of our lives and showing us so much love. We love you.