Fri, May 21, 2004 — Tue, Sep 08, 2020

Dallas was my very loving puppy that I had ever since I was just a baby. We grew up together with only a one year difference so she felt almost like a sibling to me. Dallas and I would be together every night so keep the memory there I sleep with her collar.
Dallas lived a very happy life and knew how to tell every persons emotions, if you were sad she would be the one to let you hold her to calm yourself down. When you got excited she would get excited even in her old stages and jump around with you. She knew how to cheer everyone up and would love to be the center of attention.
I've shared my whole life with Dallas up until after my first year of high school. She helped me accomplish so many of my goals. It is good to know she is in a better place and will be there with our other dogs we lost Harley and Molly.

We miss you Dallas, your soul will always be in my heart. No dog will ever replace you, we miss you princess!