Cocco Guarasci

Wed, Dec 30, 2015

Cocco Guarasci

My life story :

Born March 28 2004 Vineland Ontario

FATHER: show dog Purebred Bichon

Mother: show dog Purebred Shih Tzu

Taken to Henley Pet Shop by The Owner/Breeder May 24, 2004 along with his sister for resale .

Adopted to Guarasci Family June 1, 2004 to reside in St. Catharines.

To be given the name Cocco Guarasci as a sibling to Bianca-Alexandra (sister) and (brother) Michael-Domenico my parents : (Mommy ) Sheldan known as Shelley and my (Father) Salvatore known as Sam.

There was no master in my life as my family gave me full reign of the household. Those first few weeks my mommy slept on the floor in a sleeping bag with a blanket that she shared with me as I cried a lot, scared and missing my sister. I was very small and was carried outside to go potty every few hours until I was big enough to go down the 3 steps to back door. I ate very good dog food and dressed in the finest of outfits for every season. I loved my daily walks, and always had a stylish coat in winter to keep me warm. I had a friend named Frazer. His daddy Paulo use to bring him to play with me but he got sick and died. My favorite was my girlfriend, a stuffed Koala Bear. I had her for many years. Iíd sleep with her in the nice comfy spot beside my mommy in her bed. My sister, Bianca, always had a party each year for my birthday. She would dress me in ridiculous Halloween costumes yearly! Iíd go along with it be cause it made her happy. I was always apart of family functions and holidays and was spoiled with gifts and lots of greenie bones and toys. Mommy didnít like me to get people food but on occasion Iíd get a meatball. I loved pasta a lot and that meatball!! Then there was my favorite sliced cheese! Iíd hear the fridge door open and Iíd run there to get a little something every time. Maybe a piece of lunch meat or cheese. I got sick a few times but my parents always got me better. One time a foster child from FACS, that my parents took in to try to give a better life, tried to hurt me with one of his medications. I almost died. But my parents took care of me and brought me to the emergency, and saved my life. Because of my family I was strong and would not give up and made it through. My sister got a boyfriend and she got too busy for me. She was always with him. I was so happy when he moved in because that kept my sister home more to play with me. Then they went and got Ö a puppy! Oh great! I have to share my house. He was a pain in the butt! Itís picture time again yaah!!! ďHurry upĒ Iíd say. Having the little brat beside me .. was a pain in the butt. But after a while he grew on me. He was so ugly he was cute. One year later I lost my eyesight. I didnít have to look at him but I could hear and smell him coming towards me. My new little brother he was such a hyper brother. Always taking my stuff. It was hard to see him and to catch him Ö but I loved him a lot.

Mommy took me to Buffalo, New York to a animal eye clinic to try to help me. But there was nothing they could do to bring my sight back. I know mommy would have given me her eyes, if she could. It devastated her to see me blind. I survived for over a year with my sight gone and was still a happy boy. I had high blood pressure and was on medication to keep me stable but my health started to deteriorate. No one knew my kidneys were failing. I was throwing up for a few days and I didnít eat. Mommy rushed me to the animal hospital with my sister. I could hear mommy crying as she said hold on my boy, donít leave me. But mommy didnít know I was really sick inside my body.

As she kissed me at hospital and told me to hold on and be strong, my sister kissed my face and said she loved me. I knew I would not see them again. I was old and tired and it was time for me to go to a place where I could run free and never feel pain. I would live forever in the part of heaven where all the animals were kept to rest. I closed my eyes in the wee hours of the morning and fell into a peaceful sleep. As I laid in my lifeless body I knew I could not cross over yet as my family needed to come to say good bye. Though I was lifeless my soul was still there. I could hear their cries and sadness in their voices as they held my lifeless body saying goodbye. I wanted to tell them not to cry for me, as Iím in a beautiful sleep and Iím not sick anymore. They knew how much I loved them. They were the best family a dog could have. For me to have had such an opportunity, as a dog, to get to live the life of a human for all of my 11 years, as the younger brother of 2 amazing siblings and parents who loved me more than they loved themselves. I was a lucky dog. I knew I was a dog but to them I was their little boy. I will always watch over them, and I know I will always be in their hearts forever. I hope they find it in their hearts to love another little puppy again, so he or she can be as lucky as I was. To live like a human in a dogís world.

I met so many great friends who passed through our home during my life. And to the people who, well, felt I didnít belong on the sofa or bedÖ.whatever!!!! As mommy would say. I had an amazing life. To my youngest brother Tofu, ( the pug) take care of the family. And I hope my mommy gets another puppy so you feel nibbling at your ears, your tail pulled on, your toys stolen and your food eaten cause Karma well .. enough said there. I love you Tofu. You were a good brother too even though you always blamed me for pee on the floor! Now itís your turn enjoy it, as life is short. To you, my family, donít cry and please donít be sad for me. I lived a good life and a truly happy one. You all loved me so much and gave me so much. Know that I loved you all more then you can imagine. I know you did everything for me to try to get me well but, it was my decision to say goodbye. I was tired, getting old and I needed to just go to sleep. So let me go and keep me in your hearts and memories and I hope you can find it in your hearts to love again so that another puppy can be as i was to have you.

Thank you mommy and daddy, my wonderful sister and brother and the big guy, Panda, (who always gave me extra food), and who I loved lots because he treated me with as much love as he did to Tofu. You will all live in my heart forever and I will always be with you. Big sister Bianca, I might not be there in sight for the new baby coming. But you will always feel me close by because Iím in your heart for ever. Always watching out for all of you. As time passes you will think of me with smiles not tears. Keep me in your hearts. One day we will all be together. Love always, COCCO