Bibi Mo

Wed, Jun 15, 2005 — Thu, Feb 28, 2019

My precious Bibi left me for heaven on February 28, 2019, this past Thursday morning. She was 13 years and 8 months old. The feelings of sadness and emptiness are indescribable. Bibi was such a joy in my life.

Our life story began almost 14 years ago in August 2005. Bibi was a two-month old baby. My colleague told me about baby lovebirds for sale on the companyís market place website. There were no photos on the website and there were two different lovebirds to pick. I am so glad that I picked Bibi, a Dutch Blue peach-faced specie. She was beautiful. Her tail had this gorgeous blue color like a princessís royal cloak (Her Royal Highness).

Bibi, it did not take us long to get acquainted with each other. I talked to you as often as I could, let you out of the cage for fun time during our daily cage cleaning routine, and encouraged you to come to our hands/arms. We formed a strong bond overtime. I believe I was more attached to you than you were to me. I did not want to leave you for trips/vacations and always missed you when I had to stay out late. As soon as I stepped in the house, I called out your name to let you know that mommy had returned home.

I am so thankful that you came into my life and gave me many fond memories to cherish for a lifetime. You learnt to return kisses by imitating the sound of kisses (as I blew kisses at you every morning). You chirped and echoed your own name when I called Bibi. When you were younger, you loved to fly from my bedroom to the fireplace in the family room. I would either chase after you or stretch out my arm for you to land when you flew back to me. You enjoyed the Sunday bath. We would sit by the window after your bath, you on my shoulder preening your wet feathers. You were so contented and happy there on my shoulder. You liked to crawl inside my shirt to play peekaboo with me. To demand my attention, you would knock on the water and food bowls with your beak spilling water and seeds. One of my computer keyboard keys came out because you loved to attack it. You were my faithful study companion during my years of intensive study of the CIPM and CFA programs. You would be eyeing my books, wanting to tear paper into fine strips and tuck them into your tail feathers like wearing a paper skirt.

As years went by, you started showing signs of aging. You became less active, not flying as much. Your feathers became less shiny. I dreaded the day of parting. I remember thinking about how I would live without you during my subway rides home from work when I closed my eyes to rest. Such distressing thoughts brought tears to my eyes. This dreadful day has now come and it is heartbreaking.

Last Monday, you still had strength to walk a bit on the floor and shredded a few strips of paper, but you deteriorated quickly in your final two days. You slept all day, not eating nor drinking much. My heart ached so much seeing you like this. You cuddled with me on my shoulder, resting your head under my hair, leaning up against my neck to get as close to me as possible, preening my hair and kissing my ears. You were very affectionate, showering me with love. Perhaps, you knew these were our last moments together.

I miss you terribly, Bibi. I cannot stop thinking about you. Your urn will stay in this home with me and will go into my casket when my time comes. We will always be together and you will always live in my heart!

Love you forever,
March 5, 2019