Bella Melo

2007 — Sun, Dec 22, 2019

Bella was an unexpected but truly needed and wanted surprise...

My dad found her left on a stairwell in Toronto, placed in a shoe box with a blanket and some food, she was approximately 3 months old. He called me to tell me his discovery and I insisted he bring her home, side note, I was allergic to cats.

Whoever left her 12 years ago, thank you, she has been the best part of my life.

From the moment I saw her big green eyes she hooked me and no matter what happens I would keep her.

What to name her, I thought? It took about a week and it was just me and her laying on our basement carpet as I yelled out different random names. Cookie, bubbles, I kept going on she just gave me this stare like "am I really stuck with this crazy lady?'' Finally, I said 'Bella' and she ran right to me, so 'Bella' it was and she truly was Bella.

Bella was over all a healthy cat, I almost lost her at the very beginning due to a complication when she went into heat but she beat it. Later on I discovered something was wrong with her ''behind'' and she needed surgery, 2 in fact. The vet told me that she had anal gland issues...common in dogs but not in cats. So in order to avoid more surgeries, my dear little Bella had to visit her most hated place in the world every few months to check out her ''behind''.

Bella was spoiled as spoiled could be, she loved us and only us, she ruled the house and we were her family. Her favorite things were looking out the window, temptation treats, eating the cheese corners from a mcdonalds cheeseburger, munching on some grass on the front lawn and to hangout with us wherever we were.

Fondest memories from...
Jose - When my dad would get up for work *3am* Bella would get up to, for a treat and some pets
Manuela - Bella loved to watch my mom clean the house, especially when she would sweep, she would stand close curiously paying attention
Joseph - My Brother and Bella also had a very special bond, with a few pats on the bed she would jump right up and stay there for hours on end

On November 4th 2019 we discovered some blood in her litter box and after many tests and antibiotics nothing was helping...Bella had an ultrasound on the 26th and that's when we got the news I was dreading to get. My little Bella had a mass in her bladder, TCC, very aggressive and once again 'common in dogs but rare in cats'.

This whole time I kept questioning why her, if everything she's had is rare in cat's why her? I now feel it was because she is in fact rare, there was and could never be anyone like her.

My Bella was strong and brave during her entire ordeal, my heart would break for her every time she needed to use her litter box because it was just getting worse and worse for her. As strong as she was and as she put up her strong feline front, I knew she was in pain and was tired.

On December 22nd 2019 I lost my best friend.

Bella taught me what unconditional love means, she made me a better person and she was the sunshine in my life. I will miss her greeting me at the door, cuddling and kissing her, being my comfort when I was sad or sick and just simply seeing her face right behind me.

Thank you Bella for all your years with us, you have brightened our lives and our hearts, we love you and we will miss you immensely.
I will see you again someday.

Sleep in heavenly peace...