Bailey Anderson

2001 — Tue, Jul 01, 2014

Mister B

We adopted Bailey from Pugalug Pug Rescue in the summer of 2006, and he instantly became a part of our family. We'd fallen in love, really. We had Beulah, our other pug, since 1999, and we were looking for a friend for her to spend her golden years with. We had seen him qiute a lot at a communal pug park near our house and had gotten to know him fairly well, and decided that he was the perfect addition to our home; the missing piece to our family puzzle. Slowly but surely, Beulah and Bailey became great pals, and it wasn't long until they were inseperable. You couldn't speak of one without the other. Beulah often used Bailey as a headrest or a pillow, but he didn't seem to mind at all. He loved snuggles of any kind, but especially the ones when he was up on the bed or couch. Bailey was very protective, and always made sure that his family was safe by barking whenever the doorbell or phone rang, or sitting by the feet of one of us when company was over. Even when his back legs didn't move the way they used to, he'd stay sitting or lying down and bark anyways, confident in his ability to maintain the household "guard dog" post. I think the most special bond he formed, even moreso than the other pug of the house, was with my dad. Bailey soon became "his little man", whom he sang songs to when he made breakfast, and would lay on the carpet with his toys and play with after dinner. Over the course of the 8 wonderful years we spent with him, he racked up quite a list of nicknames; like Mister B, Bubbaloo, Mister Bubbles, Barkly Barkington, Bubblington, and many variations of the theme. There's not a day that will pass by where we won't think of our little man, and the immense joy that he brought us. I miss you so much, Mister Bubs.

Posted by Amelia