Baby Bertrand-Barclay

Mon, Jan 01, 2001 — Sun, Feb 18, 2018

Baby was adopted by Ashley and Gillian at five to six years old. She had a hard life before then, but that was soon transformed into a life of love and laughter for the rest of her days. She was our alpha cat in a family of four cats and the oldest. She was the first cat to say hello in the morning and sang at the top of her lungs for her breakfast and dinner. Every morning she would cuddle with Gillian before she started her day. She was so smart and sociable and very receptive to the emotions of others. Baby was also very tough and she often vocalized or would swipe at others who did any disservice to her, justifiably so. Most of all, she was our little plus-sized princess. She loved and was loved and that is the most amazing thing you could ask for in life. She passed peacefully at home, with everyone she loved by her side giving her kisses and pets. She will be remembered fondly for the rest of our lives. Rest in peace, sweet Bubba.