Trusted Pet Cremation Orillia Guaranteed return of only my pets ashes

Chances are you are reading this because you have either lost a loving pet or you are about to make a very difficult decision. The staff at Pets at Peace  understands and has experienced the special bond that makes a pet a family member.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that when you choose individual cremation for your dog, cat or special pet, the cremated ashes, and only the ashes of your beloved pet will be returned. Your pet’s ashes are returned to you in an attractive container including cremation certificate indicating the proof and authenticity of the cremation within a week. We know that quality and trust is a must during such a painful time and many people over the years have repeatedly trusted us with their pets aftercare.

What is Individual Pet Cremation?

In an individual cremation pets are placed in individual areas in the cremation chamber. The pets are separated by physical barriers within the chamber and the location of each is recorded by the crematorium operator. At the end of cremation each pet`s cremated remains are both identifiable and retrievable and are removed one at a time. Our transportation and crematorium operations incorporate barcoded, timestamp pet identification and tracking techniques to ensure all pet cremations are never compromised, so much so that titanium orthopedic implants from surgeries can be returned if the family wishes. 

What is Private Cremation?

Also called cremation witnessing.  For those who wish to be with their pet and added peace of mind you can be present as your pet is gently placed into the chamber. You have time of saying goodbye to your pet in the private Family Room before accompanying them to the cremation chamber.  With this type of service, your pet is alone in the chamber and you may be present for any or all parts of the cremation process. Due to the nature of a witnessed cremation, we do require advance notice in order to make arrangements as they must be performed in the morning before any other cremations have taken place. You will be able to take your pet’s ashes home with you following the cremation (normally within 2 hours).

Your pet will be in the care and shelter of a trained and caring professional and you can be assured that your beloved pet will be handled with the utmost dignity and compassion

 Our Pet Cremation Services:

Gentle and respectful transfer of your pet from your home or veterinarian’s office in Toronto and GTA, Simcoe County and Muskoka District

If you wish, you may bring your pet to our offices during business hours throughout the week or weekend. We are available by appointment only, Please call 705-790-7427

Serving Simcoe County and Muskoka District. If you want the same level of care for your pet as you would any family member, please contact us.