Dog Cremation Toronto and GTA

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Here at Pets at Peace, our team understands how important pets are to their families. We know that pets count as family members. We also understand how difficult it can be to let go of a pet that has been with your family for a long or even short time. The odds are that you are on this website because you have recently lost a pet or you have a tough decision to make. 

We know that the loss of your dog is a difficult process….you want to make the right decisions for your dogs aftercare.  Our team will stand by you to provide professional and compassionate care, answer all questions with transparency so that you can make the right decisions for you and your dog. 

What are the main types of dog cremation?


The three main types of dog cremation are:



  • Individual cremation


    • With Individual cremation, pets are cremated in separated compartments to ensure that the ashes are contained securely and remain separate from all other animals and all ash is carefully collected before the next cremation commences. This means that you will receive all of your pet’s ashes in entirety. It is more cost effective than Witnessed cremation.


  • Witnessed cremation


    • A Witnessed cremation allows the family of the dog to view some of the process of the cremation. They will see that it is only their dog being placed in the chamber. For some families, this gives them a sense of closure between them and their dog and aid in the grieving process.


  • Communal cremation


    • A communal cremation is a cremation where other pets are cremated together without any separation. With this process, the ashes of your dog will co mingle with the ashes of other animals. This means that you will not receive any ashes.

For this reason, Pets at Peace does not offer this choice.


What are the cost factors of a dog cremation?


Unsure if a certain type of dog cremation is suitable for your budget? You can determine how much a dog cremation costs based on the following factors:


  • The type of cremation that you choose
  • The size and weight of the dog
  • Whether or not you decide to place the ashes in an urn or another container 
  • If you choose to have a pawprint casting or memorial items such as ash jewellery


You can view our price list here:

The cost of the cremation is dependent on a variety of factors 

Our Guarantee 


Through the cremation process of your dog, we promise that you will only receive the ashes of your dog. We will also return the ashes of your pet in a visually-appealing container/urn that comes with a cremation certificate. This certificate will display the proof and authenticity of the cremation. We understand that during difficult times, that the best service and trustworthiness is desired by families who choose us and this is exactly what we provide. If you would like more information about the cremation process, you can contact us.