Pet Business Opportunities

“Pet parents are hungry for this type of service and are so relieved when they finally find someone who is going to treat their precious pet with the dignity and respect that they have been given all of their life.”
Coleen Ellis, founder of Pet Loss Professionals Alliance
Who We Are
As any pet owner can tell you, a pet is like another member of the family. This is just as true of cats and dogs as it is rabbits, hamsters, birds or even hedgehogs. During their lives, our animals show us unconditional love and affection. It is this very special bond that makes losing a pet a painful and confusing time in the life of any pet owner. This is where Pets at Peace is here to help. 
Since 2003, Pets at Peace founder Helen Hobbs has been providing pet owners across the GTA with pet cremation and memorial services. After a friend’s upsetting experience with her cat’s cremation and wanting only the best care for her own pets, Helen decided to open Pets at Peace to allow families to make dignified and caring final arrangements for their pets as they would any other family member. As a former licensed funeral director, Helen brings an understanding of the human side of loss in order to help guide grieving pet owners through the difficult decisions surrounding the loss of their loved one. 
Offering pre-arrangement services, transfer, cremation, online pet memorials and a wide selection of urns, Pets at Peace allows grieving pet owners to make informed, loving and respectful arrangements for their pet.  Helping families honour their pets life, in addition to being appreciated by the clients, is deeply rewarding on a personal level as this testimonial states:
We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to you for looking after our precious Kerry.  It gives us peace and comfort knowing Kerry was treated with the dignity and respect she so richly deserved – thank you.  The service you provide is so worthwhile and valuable to all pet parents trying to cope with the loss of a beloved friend.  
Your prompt communication, organizational skills, honesty, amazing attention to detail and caring attitude definitely helped us during this difficult time.  We found the Pet Memorial page to be extremely comforting and such a special way to honor Kerry.  We highly recommend your wonderful services and will certainly contact you again in the future.
Hank and Corrine
Business Opportunity
Pets at Peace is currently looking to license to professional, respectful and compassionate pet owners in order to expand the Pets at Peace experience for families. Prior experience guiding bereaved families through their time of loss makes this an ideal opportunity for those with prior funeral home experience. The most important trait for any Pets at Peace licensee however, is a genuine love for pets of all types; licensees must truly know the special bond that exists between a pet and owner in order to provide genuine care from a place of compassion and understanding. 
Competitive Landscape
The demand for Pet loss and bereavement services has been steadily increasing over recent years and is likely to continue trending upward as more owners become aware of this special and meaningful option for their families. Cremation services, urns, caskets, online memorials and commemorative picture frames are all in higher demand than ever before. 
Pets at Peace is the only pet funeral home in the GTA to have a physical storefront and offer private pet cremation services. Having a physical storefront to visit provides grieving families with a safe and comforting space to talk through their options with one of our caring staff.
What We Offer
The unique advantage of a Pets at Peace License is brand recognition. With its 11 year history of satisfied families, the Pets at Peace brand is well-recognized throughout the GTA, having been featured on Global and City TV, as well as in the National Post, Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star. A Pets at Peace license would provide the licensee with this same level of recognition to potential customers and give them an edge over any competitors. Families are indeed moving away from the idea that only veterinarians can help them with their pet’s aftercare.
As a business, Pets at Peace has the added benefit of being a member of both the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance and the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association
The Pets at Peace model requires minimal start-up costs and offers a quick return on investment. Our licensing opportunity is designed to give licensees more freedom in how they choose to run their business. A Pets at Peace license is relatively “hands off” outside of some initial training and some basic brand regulations, all of which are clearly defined within the licensing agreement. 
If this opportunity sounds right for you, please contact Helen Hobbs ( for more details